Webinar: Staying Mindful in Difficult Times

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This webinar will teach you practical mindfulness techniques to help you stay resilient during difficult times. In this short but powerful session you will learn strategies you can apply in your life right now.

Webinar Key Content Areas

    • Understanding mindfulness
    • Practical mindfulness activities
    • Making time for mindfulness
    • Create your action plan

In this fun and engaging webinar, you will find a great balance between theory and practical content so you can apply what you are learning in real time. We know you don’t have time to add things to your day so we will show you practical ways you can integrate mindfulness into your normal daily routine. By designing a strategy that works within your context, you will enjoy the benefits of mindfulness without carving out more time for another thing on your to do list.

This webinar will include engaging content, polls, real time question and answers, handouts and more!

Duration: 90 minutes
Platform: Zoom (link will be emailed)


29 April 2020: 1000 – 1130 AEST