Staying Mindful During Difficult Times – TQI Approved


ACT TQI Accredited Program

This online course has been accredited by the ACT Teacher Quality Institute for 2 hours of  professional learning.

Teachers are often incredibly altruistic and devoted to making a positive difference in children’s lives. But many teachers are not well prepared for the social and emotional demands of today’s classroom. Stressful condition, like a overwhelming workload or difficult students may lead you to feel discouraged, burnt-out, and ready to quit. Most teacher training focuses primarily on content and pedagogy, overlooking the very real social, emotional, and cognitive demands of teaching itself.

Luckily, learning and cultivating skills of mindfulness, the ability to stay focused on one’s present experience with nonjudgmental awareness, can help you to promote the calm, relaxed, but enlivened classroom environment that children need to learn. Mindfulness can also help you be more effective at reducing conflict and developing more positive ways of relating in the classroom, which can lead to more job satisfaction. Research also supports that teachers who practise mindfulness and who employ mindfulness in their classrooms are less stressed, sleep better, report fewer bad moods and report more workplace satisfaction than those who don’t (Crain, 2017).

This course will teach you how to develop a mindfulness practice so you can stay mindful during whatever difficult times you are going through. Whether it’s problems with a relationship, workplace issues or a global pandemic, this course will show you some really easy to implement strategies, so you don’t get caught up in fear, worry or anxiety.

How is this course different?

This course is taught from a very practical point of view. We don’t talk about singing bowls, burning incense or chanting for hours at a time.

We’ve taught mindfulness to teachers, principals, police officers, federal agents, defence force personnel and others who needed no fuss practical skills they could use in the field. We teach easy to learn skills that you can incorporate into your life today.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who has suffered with worry, stress, or anxiety
  • Overthinkers
  • Teachers who want to learn about mindfulness but don’t necessarily consider themselves ‘mindfulness people’
  • Anyone who is going through hard times and wants to learn a way out

Key Content Areas

  • Understand what mindfulness is and what it isn’t
  • Uncover why it’s so important to have a mindfulness practice
  • Discover the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness
  • Learn practical mindfulness activities that are easy to apply during difficult times

At the end of this course you will have all the tips and techniques you need to stay mindful during difficult times, both in the classroom and at home!

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