Our mindful leadership public workshops or in house courses show you how to apply practical mindful leadership in a way that is authentic to your own style. We show you practical strategies that you an apply to your own situation that can can have immediate impact in your work and in you life. We show people, through self awareness, how to notice the impact of their thoughts and how to reduce the impact of an overactive mind. To be a great leader requires a better understanding of self; what are our strengths and what things trigger us that cause us to react negatively. We will show you how to pause, take a breath, and respond in a more skilful way.

The cost of untreated mental health conditions in Australian Workplaces is estimated to cost more than $10billion per year. Now more than ever we need mindful leadership courses to show our leaders how to put their own mental health and the mental health of their teams first. Mindful leadership is leading with self awareness and compassion. What’s the point of reaching your objective if it adversely affects your most important assets – your people.

The list of benefits from mindful leadership is seemingly increasing with more research being conducted every year; from reduced stress, increased resilience, increased focus (productivity) and more productive working relationships. Our mindful leadership courses show you how to apply these skills to your own authentic leadership style. 


Upcoming Courses

Mindful Leadership Workshop Canberra

Mindful Leadership Workshop (Half Day)

Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020
Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Location: Dialogue Canberra (Barton)
Cost: $350 (includes morning tea and tea & coffee)

AboutMindfulness is not just an approach to wellness it can completely transform you as a leader and how you lead those around you. In this 3.5 hour fun and engaging workshop we will teach you the skills and no-fluff techniques you need to become a more mindful leader.