About Us

Thynk Learning is a Canberra based company offering training in leadership, wellbeing and performance that engages learners in a fun and interesting way. We run public workshops and in-house courses across Australia. We also work with a selection of Australia’s best consultants to provide the highest level of service, every time. 

Our mission is to create healthier, more productive workplaces by developing more mindful leaders.

Our Director

Rob Hills is a dynamic trainer, speaker, author and coach who is passionate about making a difference in peoples lives. He is known for his No Bullsh*t style of Mindful Leadership, dispelling mindfulness myths and making it easier for people to connect to the topic in a fun and practical way.

Rob has over 19 years experience in learning and development and has delivered leadership training to thousands of participants both in Australia and around the world. His past work experience includes 10 years in the Royal Australian Air Force,13 years with the Australian Federal Police and a number of years as a training consultant in the private sector. 

Rob Hills


  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma of Training Design & Development
  • Diploma of Education & Training
  • Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Whole Brain Thinking (HBDI) certified trainer
  • Presented at a sold out workshop at TEDx Canberra (2016)
  • Engage, Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence SIYLI (Google) (2017)
  • Invited to present a keynote speech at the National Press Club (2019)
  • Associate Fellow of the Institute of Managers & Leaders (AFIML)

Rob is the author of the book The No Bullsh*t Guide to Mindful Leadershipwhich shows people practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into their lives. Through his programs and coaching he helps people to achieve their best results and learn more about themselves. He is a passionate life long learner and loves inspiring others to reach their full potential.