We offer fun and engaging leadership workshops that have real world application in your life and in the workplace. Our aim is to create healthier workplaces by developing more mindful leaders.

Leadership is critical to the success of any organisation, whether you are in the private or public sector. But organisations aren’t equipping their leaders with the skills and tools they need to flourish in the new world of work. Being a leader can be tough and the challenges leaders face are increasingly more complex; from courageous conversations, performance management, mental health issues, making tough decisions or even just getting work completed in an age of ‘more with less’.

Too often we see leaders who are overworked, stressed and running on empty – how can they give their best to others when they have nothing left to give? As flight attendants always say, we need to put our own oxygen mask before we assist those around us. Mindful leadership is a new way of leading that starts by turning the spotlight inwards through self awareness and reflection. By taking proactive steps to combat workplace stress and refocusing our attention on the things that matter, we become the leaders we aspire to be. 

As a leader you don’t have enough time to add things to your day, we get it! We show you practical ways you can integrate mindfulness into your normal daily routine. By designing a strategy that works within your context, you will enjoy the benefits of mindful leadership without carving out more time for another thing on your to do list. 

Upcoming Courses

Mindful Leadership Workshop Canberra

Mindful Leadership Workshop (Half Day)

Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020
Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Location: Dialogue Canberra (Barton)
Cost: $350 (includes morning tea and tea & coffee)

About: Mindfulness is not just an approach to wellness it can completely transform you as a leader and how you lead those around you. In this 3.5 hour fun and engaging workshop we will teach you the skills and no-fluff techniques you need to become a more mindful leader.